Garage Sale

Welcome my Everyday Garage Sale!

These are the items I am selling or giving away.  If you are interested, let me know.  I prefer to deal locally, but I am highly rated seller on ebay and can post private sells for some and for others, we just use the trust/honor system of PayPal and shipping.  I will also barter/trade.  Let have some fun and keep the place green as well by “passing-it-on”.

Good, Used, and Not Abused

No, you cannot have my shoes!

Ebay Store

JaimAstin’s Ebay Store!!!


For sale on Craigslist…

Check back another time as things come and go!


Free to the first who asks for it!

Keep checking back as I have plenty of stuff that needs a good home!


Direct Sales

Buy or trade directly from JaimeAstin.  We can meet locally or I can ship the items to you.  We will use electronic payment and tracked shipping.  If you are interested, please contact me here.

See All Open Sights (3 Hand gun, 1 rifle)

Bear Pledge Bow (2nd bow, shot less than 20 times)


Example of SeeAll Open Sight (Firearms NOT for sale)

Garmin Striker Plus 4CV (Gently Used)

Pflueger, Lews, Abu Garcia Fishing Reels (BRAND NEW)

Nikon Predator Scope 3-9 x40 (Firearm NOT for sale)

TruGlo TFX Pro Glock 43, 42 Sight (BRAND NEW)


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