Network Hub for Garmin Echomap and LiveScope

There has been a lot of interest in my custom networking hub for the Garmin Echomap Plus/UHD, GPSMap and LiveScope. After lots of testing and sourcing of parts, I have the complete solution that is a fraction of the what Garmin charges you.

This kit comes with the hub, which I call the “BREE-Z Box”. The BREE-Z Box is simple to use, water resistant, has 5 100Mbps ports for networking, and has an on/off switch. The power cable is 5 feet, 16AWG, UV resistant, and marine grade. Along with the hub, and unlike garmin, I am providing 20 feet of networking cable. The included 20 feet provided is cut at 5 feet for one cable and 15 feet for the second cable.

If you would like a different cut, please specify. If you need more cable than that, the additional can be purchased. Separate cables can also be purchased that will work with the Garmin network hub.

One year warranty on unit. Warranty does not cover water damage, from improper placement. Proper wiring and use of fuse/fuse box required for surge protection.

The Complete BREE-Z Box Kit can be purchased for $150

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