100 Hour – 1 Year Service for Bass Tracker Heritage

Its that time of the year, maintenance time. Like most things, to keep it in perfect service, you have to take care of it. Maintenance time is either a fun time or a dreadful time. For many people who do not do their on vehicle maintenance, it means you have to give up your vehicle to a shop for hours to days, you have to pay for parts and labor, and you could get ripped off.

I perform most of my vehicles maintenance myself. I know just what I did and what parts I used. If another person performed the work, I wouldn’t have that luxury. Another thing is that I save money, I buy the correct and sometimes premium parts for the very best cost. The time I put in rewards in satisfaction of a job well done and more money for other hobbies.

The Bass Tracker Heritage and Classic boats are the best full package values around. These boats are not only cool, but we have a fully capable fishing vessel. We paid less for our boats, but can fish just as hard as a person who has a boat that costs 3 times or more. So why save all of our money and then freely give it up to a service shop when we can do it ourselves? How about more money for fishing gear?!

3 Main Tasks
There are three main procedures to performing the 100 hour / 1 year service.
1. Lower Gear Oil Change *
2. Engine Oil Change *
3. Fuel Filter Change *
*Detailed instructions to come by 3/24/2019, please see video below.

Items you will need:
Oil Filter
25w-40 Oil or 10w-30 Oil
Fuel Filter Assembly or Fuel Filter 5 Pack
Gear Oil and Pump

Additionally you will need to inspect the 3 anodes, which are sacrificial metals that will corrode in the place of our boats. If these are corrode, you can sand them down with sand paper or just replace them. Ignoring them will lead to severe engine and boat damage!


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