Bree-Z Box

I designed this package to make networking Garmin Fish finders easier and less expensive than the OEM offering. Garmin’s network hub, the GMS 10, retails for $250 and that is without network cables. My original desire was to save money networking my new fish finders. After showcasing my success, I had many people contact me for a similar solution. At that time, my solution was very “hacky” and a little complicated. I spent months sourcing parts and testing to provide a packaged solution that is priced right and of quality. I believe I achieved this and I hope you think so as well.

Standard Package Contents

  • Bree-Z Box Network Hub
  • 5 Foot  Network Cable
  • 15 Foot Network Cable
  • 2 Red Rubber “O” Rings for sealing network cable to fish finder.


  • The Bree-Z Box is water resistant.  Optionally, it is recommended that you seal network cable wires with silicon or “Marine Goop” after installation.  Avoid installing in location exposed to elements.
  • The network Cable is shielded, waterproof, UV and oil resistant.  There is no concern if they are run alongside power wires or exposed to the elements.
  • Bree-Z Box can be left powered on with minimum power draw. 


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Bree-Z Box Package comes with hub and 2 Network Cables

The Bree-Z Box has a one year warranty.  The warranty covers the device under normal working conditions.  This device is water resistant.  Damage due to corrosion will be determined based on installation.  If there is an issue with the device, please contact us for a complete resolution.  


Power Wire18AWG** or 16AWG 600V Oil/Salt-Water/Gasoline/UV Resistant
Fuse.5A  to  1A recommended
Power Source12volt power source required
Network CableCategory 7 Shielded Direct Burial UV Resistant
Ports5 x 10/100Mbps; Switching Capacity 1Gbps; Speed up to 200Mbps
ProtocolsIEE 802.3i
Switch Half& Full Duplex, MAC Address Learning, Auto Negotiation Ports, Auto MDI/MDIX Ports

*This product is not affiliated or warrantied by Garmin International. 
**Bree-Z Box now assembled with 18AWG Power wire for better flexibility -Feb/21


Frequently Asked Questions
(Chartplottor – Fish Finder – Sonar Unit)

Q:  What is the difference between Garmin’s GMS-10 and the Bree-Z Box?
A:  Both have 5 ports which will allow up to 5 devices compatible with the Garmin Marine Network. The Bree-Z Box is smaller and has a feature that the GMS-10 lacks which is a power switch. Many Bree-Z Box users use this feature to power off Livescope as LiveScope will continue to run as long one of the chartplotter on the network is on.

Q: What happens when you power off the Bree-Z Box while the charplotters are running?
A: The charplotters on the network will continue to run. If one of the fishfinders is using a shared transducer or Garmin Panoptix / Livescope, that will be unavailable until the Bree-Z Box is powered on again. Any waypoints or changes the chartplotter while the Bree-Z Box is powered off will synchronize to the other units once the Bree-Z Box is powered back on.

Q:  What Garmin chartplotters are compatible with the Bree-Z Box?
A:  Garmin Echomap Plus, UHD, and Ultra and most GPSmap chartplotors compatible with the Garmin Marine Network.  Please click here for a complete list of compatible devices.

Q:  Is the Bree-Z Box compatible with the PS22 Panoptix transducer?
A:  The PS22 is a panoptix transducer that does not require a Blackbox. It is not compatible with the current Bree-Z Box… But, if you are wanting to network a PS22, please let me know and I will make your Bree-Z Specifically for this application. The PS22 uses more than the 4 pins for power.

Q:  Can I network an Echomap and GPSmap together?
A:  Unfortunately, no.  Although there is a couple Echomap and GPSmap that will network together, Garmin has placed software limitations to keep the two product lines separate.  This is not a limitation of the Bree-Z Box as Garmin’s GMS-10 will not network the two product line either.  I assume Garmin would have people upgrade from one product line to the other rather than mix them.

Q:  Will the Bree-Z Box allow me to share one or more Transducers between multiple Echomap or GPSMap fish finders?
A:  Yes, all connected transducers will be accessible as a source on all compatible chartplotters on the network.. 

Q:  How many Garmin devices can I connection to the Bree-Z Box?
A: The Bree-Z Box has 5 ports and will allow up to 5 different Garmin Marine Network compatible devices to be connected.  If you have a unique requirement for more than 5 devices, please contact me as we can customize your Bree-Z with more ports.

Q:  Can I make more specific request like extending the power switch on the unit to my boats console?
A:  My standard package seems to fit the majority of purchasers needs, however I try to cater to the demand where I can. This sets the Bree-Z Box apart from mass produced GMS 10. If you have an idea or need custom work, let me know.

Q:  It looks like you assembled this in your garage…
A:  I DID!  I assemble and test each packaged item from the box, the cable, and the instructional inserts.  I use a systematic method to keep all packages as standard…  But I am just one man.  This is not my sole income and I will continue to provide and support this solution as long as people need and use it. Many people are thankful for the package. If you feel lit lacks the polish of an Apple or Garmin device, remember, you are paying for all of the marking and packaging. I truly feel that i have filled the need and the feed back from purchasers agree.