Bree-Z NavLite

I made this light in 2018 because I fish at night or stay past dark 30 more times than not. Its hard not to. I go to work and then run to the lake whenever I can. I have been questioned about this light on youtube many times. What more suprising is the offers I get at the boat ramp for someone to purchase mine on the spot!

I never thought about selling it as it is something a person who like DIY can make. It’s also a little time consuming to make, but I have got some many inquiries that I finally decided to make and sell the modified navigation light. There is not much profit in it, but its another opportunity to pay homage to my beloved Bree. Bree was always with me fishing at night. She kept a watchful eye and alerted me of other boats or if we drifted into brush/shore. I was more focused on fishing. So, here it is, your opportunity to purchase a Bree-Z NavLite.

Prices start at $135 + tax with Free Shipping.

LED Navigation lights, Spotlight wireless remote and curtesy deck light.
My original Model with dual light for example.
Bella showcasing the cool blue curtesy deck light.
Two configurations to select from.