JaimeAstin for Arkansas Ambassador

Hey gang! The Arkansas tourism department is looking for their next ambassador for the state. This ambassador is someone who will post positive experiences from the natural state to encourage others to join in and make experiences of their own. Most of you who know me know that I am from the state of arkansas. I’ve traveled to the West Coast and lived, but Arkansas is in the horizon.

Many people know me for fishing, especially in my kayak. I also fish from the boat, the float tube as well as the shore. As if I did not have enough hobbies, I am a mountain biker. Camping is one of the things I like to do especially when I am hunting or fishing. I feel like I might be a good choice for nomination. I am asking for any and all of you all to take the time and nominate me.

Nominate me, @JaimeAstin here:


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