Reporting for Duty

Hey Gang,

I’m finally getting the website going again.  This is just a way for me to connect the many networks I am associated with to one location.  For starters, we will be riding on the most famous of “me”

, my Youtube channel.  The Fishing Again series will live here as well as all product overviews, reviews, and product promotions.  I am going to showcase sponsors and affiliates for you all to find our more about and support as they support me.  What’s new and I am pretty excited about is my “Garage Sale” section.  I will be selling stuff that I have or just giving it away if you pay for shipping.  I really hate to throw things away, so this will be cool and very green.

Why a website…  I am excited from the responses from many of you out there who like my videos.  I shoot a lot of videos and editing is time consuming… A lot of video just does not make the cut for time alone.  The website will allow me to put some more content out to enhance videos or in many situations where there is lack of video.  I really think both the website and my videos will create a more intuitive, dynamic, fun place for you all visit going forward.

If you all have any questions or comments, please contact me.




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